Getting involved

Cartographer is developed in the open and allows anyone to contribute to the project. There are multiple ways to get involved!

Twice a month, the project hosts “Open House Hangouts” sessions that are essentially meetings open to everyone to join in. The call typically recaps the recent and ongoing development around Cartographer and Cartographer ROS. The developers are then open to questions from the community, this is a great time to ask about contribution ideas. If you don’t feel like talking or being seen, you are free to join anyway and skulk! The slides are also made available after each session but there is no video recording.

If you want to stay tuned with announcements (such as new major releases or new open house sessions), you can join the Cartographer mailing list although you can not interact with this mailing list anymore.

If you think you’ve found an issue in Cartographer, you are welcome to open a GitHub issue but don’t forget to provide a way to reproduce your bug! Typically, join a .bag and a link to a fork of the cartographer_ros repository containing your configuration and launch files.

If you have an idea of a significant change that should be documented and discussed before finding its way into Cartographer, you should submit it as a pull request to the RFCs repository first. Simpler changes can also be discussed in GitHub issues so that developers can help you get things right from the first try.

If you want to contribute code or documentation, this is done through GitHub pull requests. However, make sure you have signed (online) the Contributor License Agreement first!